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Home > Stylish Marble Trays and Coasters Elegant Marble Home Decor

Stylish Marble Trays and Coasters Elegant Marble Home Decor

  Make the most of your marble collection with marble trays from Joyfull Stone. Designed to complement a variety of home styles, all marble trays feature an intricate, durable pattern in either grey or white or green and match perfectly with other pieces in our marble home decor collections.

  Versatile marble trays can be used at home for decor, in the office to hold stationery, or on a serving table. They feature a polished finish for a sleek look.These decorative trays made of natural marble. Natural stone has unique variations in color and veining giving each piece its own unique beauty. These marble trays are perfect for using as a serving tray or for everyday use.


  Our Marble Tray Collection is an instant classic. These marble trays are hand-made of solid marble and finished with soft rubber feet on the bottom to protect your furniture. The beautiful marble is sure to be the center stage of any room you put it in.


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